Water Nymph Two Function Blade Stream kitchen faucet aerator

  • Blade stream + Aerated stream,  dual mode switchable
  • 360 degree big rotation angle
  • High-end Croc pattern finishing, other finishing also available upon cutomized requirement
  • Big flow rate can be adjustable freely
  • Water Saving
  • Easy installation
  • Specially for kitchen faucet, can matching for universal styles
  • Best accessory to DIY your stylish and useful kitchen 
  • Item NO.:


Croc Pattern Finishing Two Mode Faucet Aerator for Kitchen Faucet/Tap with flow rate adjustable function


Dual streams faucet aerator, specially design for matching on kitchen faucet:

New Blade Stream with the pressurization tech is much stronger, convenient for tableware and kitchenware cleaning. 

Aerated stream introduce air into water to produce larger and whiter water that is soft and non-splashing

Twist the end of aerator part to switch the streams according to different using scenes

Two versions available, the updated version is with flow rate adjustable function

4 Layers of filter screen, filting out all the impurity and providing the most healty water condition for dialy usage

Water Saving and big rotation angle

Easy installation, this kind of universal faucet aerator, can match with multi-types of faucet styles, easy to replace and install



Product Detail: 


Style No.:  A06064
Color:  Chrome/Matte Black/Brushed Nickel/Oil Rubbed Bronze/Stainless Steel/Customized colors
Material:  BRASS
Thead size: 

Male 24*1 ; Female 22*1 ;  Dual Thread Male 24*1&Female 22*1 

55/64-27uns-2b ; 15/16-27uns-2a ; Dual Thread 55/64-27uns-2b&15/16-27uns-2a

Flow rate: 


Free flow rate

Water Combination:  Aerated water + Blade water
Suitable for:  Kitchen faucet,  Sink faucet, Mixer, Kitchen tap

Neutral Bulk Package

Blisker package

Online mail package

Logo:  Lazer & Silk logo available


Product Pictures: 

Different application scenes for this kind of multifunctional faucet aerator.

  1. Fruit and vegetable washing---Concentrated bubble stream, soft feeling without splashing
  2. Tableware and kitchenware cleaning, strong and pressurized bladed spray to clean the oil stains effeiciently
  3. Cups/bowls and other tableware washing
  4. Sink cleaning---with 360 degree swivel and strong blade spray, clean your sink easily and thoroughly
  5. There are more other difference using scenes, you may switch to the proper streams according to actual need


How to install this kind of aerator on kitchen faucet? 

The fitting effect of blade stream faucet aerator on kitchen faucet or sink tap.

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