720 degree swivel Brushed Nickel faucet replacement aerator in a faucet

  • Big swivel angle with 720 degree rotation, the water streams can reach every corner of the sink or basin; 
  • Upper watering is also available, say goodbye to dusty cups, using the upper water streams to gargling, eye washing, facial cleaning, make up removing and other daily usage, convenient your life
  • Easy installation, it can be installed even without any tool, just match the thread, then screw it by hand, very handy to DIY your bathroom.
  • Dual mode water streams, soft bubble water and strong spray water
  • Item NO.:


Innovative dual thread neat design aerator for kitchen mixer splash proof and water saving


Swivel dual mode faucet aerator with big rotation angle, can match on bathroom faucet, mixer, taps to offer you a better bathroom

One faucet enjoy more water streams switchable by installing a small innovative aerator, so handy and creative solution

Nowadays more and more famous brands like MOEN, KOHLER, GROHE, DELTA are starting matching their kitchen faucet and bathroom faucet with multifunctional faucet aerator, so seems this kind of multi-functional faucet parts will be a market trend

Water saving is also the big selling point of this kind of dual mode faucet aerator

Blisker package and online selling package are all available 

With these features, it will be an ideal choice for wholesaler, online seller, and distributor to sell them in DIY replacement market


Water Flow rate can choose from 1.2GPM, 1.5GPM, 1.8GPM and free flow rate



Product Detail: 


Style No.:  A01073
Color:  Chrome/Matte Black/Brushed Nickel/Oil Rubbed Bronze/Stainless Steel/Customized colors
Material:  ABS Housing + Brass thread
Thead size: 

Male 24*1 ; Female 22*1 ;  Dual Thread Male 24*1&Female 22*1 

55/64-27uns-2b ; 15/16-27uns-2a ; Dual Thread 55/64-27uns-2b&15/16-27uns-2a

Flow rate: 




Free flow rate

Water Combination:  Aerated water + Rain water
Suitable for:  Kitchen faucet, Bathroom faucet, Sink faucet, Mixer, Lavatory faucet, Kitchen tap, Basin tap, Sink tap, tap, faucet

Neutral Bulk Package

Blisker package

Online mail package

Logo:  Lazer & Silk logo available


Product Pictures: 

Innovative dual thread neat design aerator

Innovative dual thread neat design aerator

Innovative dual thread neat design aerator


What are the different types of faucet aerator?

Nearly 90% aerator on the market is single water streams, may have aerated water, laminar water and spay water

There are also dual mode faucet aerator in the market with different water combination, but all in big size

Since 2013, Xiamen Water Nymph( subsidiary of Xiamen Jandao Technology) focusing on developing small size and neat design dual mode faucet aerator

The diameter of the aerator is about 24mm, same sze as faucet spout, this can make them perfectly matching on the faucet as original design of the faucet

Water streams can achieve different combination as below:

Aerated water + Rain water

Mist water + Aerated water

Blade water + Aerated water

Dental Floss water + Aerated water

Nose cleaning water + Aerated water

More and better water experience from Xiamen Jandao Technology


Fitting effect on MOEN bathroom faucet:

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.